Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I know you but I don't.

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I believe our GOD is not a kj 'kill joy' GOD. Our LORD wants also to enjoy our life in this earth. Yes, ministry needs a serious actions, right understanding BUT our GOD is concern also in our daily lives, he wants to enjoy our ministry while we are serving him. Oh LORD you are so amazing! woohhhhhhh :D 

After Sunday service this passage mark my heart..

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay
down his life for his friends.
 -John 15:13

Then these follow up questions continue to ruin my mind:

  • When was the last time I fellowship to them?
  • When was the last time I talk and eat with them?
  • Do I personally know them? Or we're just traditionally and religiously gather once a week?
  • How close are we as a cell group leader and a cell group member?
  • Am I feeding them well with real love, care and concern? Or I am just more concern to feed them my 'own concern' to their life? 
  • Do I share the Word of GOD to them with love and encouragement? Or Am I unconsciously shoving them?

Honestly, I doesn't really know about them yet. I know their name, I know their birthday, I know their like and dislikes. Yes, I know them of course because they are my cousins and we are living in one house since birth until now. But the reality is... I don't really know them and I believe that they really don't know me too. I don't have any idea what's happening to their life (School, love life and etc.) But I know them as my cousin and Sister/Brothers in Christ. Weird?! 

[Caption: Hanny, Louie, Angelica, Reniel and Angeline.]

We ate together, laugh like theirs no one inside the restaurant hahahaha, sing a worship song together, share our dreams in ourlives and they share their struggles as a Christian. We really enjoyed the presence of our Lord with us. After those years that we've been together it was our first time to have a fellowship like this. We're not only just enjoyed the luxury of our blessings through JESUS CHRIST but most of all we enjoyed to eat grilled pork and friend chicken together with the Word of God. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ako ay umiibig

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Ang totoong UMIIBIG ay MAS nakikita ang pinakamagandang katangian ng isang tao. 

Ang totoong UMIIBIG ay hindi puro pintas o lait - bagkos puro pangeenganyo at pagpapalakas ng loob ang lumalabas sa kanyang bibig na nanggagaling sa ikaibuturan ng kanyang puso. 

Ang UMIIBIG ay may pagkakasundo at kapayapaan. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay mapagbigay at marunong umintindi ng kahinaan ng iba. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay hindi nagtatanim ng galit, walang selos o inggit. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay nakikigalak sa tagumpay ng kanyang kapwa. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay hindi natutuwa sa masama o ikasasama ng iba. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay nagiisip sa ikabubuti ng iba hindi ikabubuti o ikapapakinabang ng kanyang sarili. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay hindi nagtatanim ng sama ng loob- ang PAG-IBIG ay madaling magpatawad at marunong kalimutan ang mga maling nagawa sa kanya ng iba.

Ang PAG-IBIG ay marunong magtiis at maghintay.

Ang PAG-IBIG ay marunong magpunas ng luha ng iba kahit siya mismo sa kanyang sarili ay lumuluha.

Ang naglalakad sa PAG-IBIG ay naglalakad ng may kagalakan kahit madaming pinagdadaanan dahil ang taong umiibig sa kanyang ginagawa ay umiibig din sa resulta ng mga mangyayari: Maganda man ito o masama.

Ang naglalakad sa PAG-IBIG ay hindi humihingi ng kapalit bagkos bukal sa loob niya ang magbigay ng walang kapalit. 

Ang naglalakad sa PAG-IBIG ay marunong magsugal ng kanyang kasiyahan para sa ikakasiya ng kanyang mga minamahal. 

Ang totoong naglalakad sa PAG-IBIG ay may isang salita at magandang resulta na gawa. 

Ang naglalakad sa PAG-IBIG ay nagpapatuloy at hindi marunong matinag sa ano mang pagsubok. 

Ang PAG-IBIG ay nagsasabi ng totoo at naghahatid ng galak. Mga kapatid piliin nating maglakad na UMIIBIG dahil ang DIYOS natin ay PAG-IBIG. hehehe ♥ :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

What kind of a soil are you?

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And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!
– Mark 4:20

The Lord is speaking to us three times not just once. He is telling to use and revealed us how to fisheries of men and how to get his blessings and abundance in life.

His first voice, the Lord is speaking through circumstances, parable, situation, other people, preaching and etc.

His second voice, the Lord will confirm his message through his words (By reading Bible).

His third voice, the Lord will full-fledged his words in an actual way.

And until the person doesn’t give his/her effort to know the God’s message for her/him – she/he will never get the purpose of his day. The secret of “fisheries of men” is hidden in his words. The indolence, halfhearted and sleeping attitude does not experience the full-fledged of his words because the Lord reserved his special calling to those people who are “Really and truly love HIM”.

Three kinds of seeking GOD. Seeking the hidden secret of GOD through his words determines what kind of a Soil are you. 
  • shallow soil with underlying rock – hearer of the word not a doer. He hears the word of God once and he/she is 'ONLY' contented of hearing the word.
  • thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants so they produced no grain. – the received the word of God twice but does not act. They just read and meditate but does not apply the word. 
  • fertile soil – they are not just only a reader, hearer and meditate the word of God but they have a personal experience of that. These people use their faith through action. :D
If your heart is like a fertile soil expect more trials, problems and persecution in your life (35-38). The more you closer to God the more trials will come into your life. Once, Jesus ask you to get the boat - get in because he will lead you to the right direction of your life. 

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